Hi everybody, my name is Nils

I am an aspiring researcher, and highly enthusiastic diver. My love for everything water related started early on and grew into a genuine interest for all kinds of sea-creatures, as well as the mechanisms that govern biodiversity in our ocean. The exploration and protection of pristine habitats is my main goal. I am drawn to the unknown and truly found a passion in scientific diving. Currently, I am exploring marine animal forests in the mesophotic zone. On this website you can find information about my various research projects, enjoy!

Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems

A baseline study about the community composition and structure of mesophotic coral ecosystems (MCEs) in relation to the presence of marine animal forests in Portofino, Italy. The project will start in January 2022 and I will continuously provide updates, so do not miss out!

Paramuricea clavata - SDM

An attempt to teach myself species distribution modelling (SDM) resulted in a model reflecting the currently possible distribution of Paramuricea clavata and the projection of this model into the future under different climatic conditions. Paramuricea clavata is also studied in my MCE project.

Ocean Acidification

An investigation of ocean acidification patterns on the Portuguese Margin. Trends of pH, xcCO3, and anthropogenic carbon were computed to study temporal patterns of these variables and to try to understand how the ocean chemistry changes in the framework of global climate change.